Selected Reading

The CARMEDA® BioActive Surface is a mature technology with an impressive pre-clinical and clinical track record.

More than 750 global scientific reports have been published on the chemistry, biological properties, safety and clinical performance of the CARMEDA® BioActive Surface technology. Follow the link below for an extensive list of publications on CARMEDA® BioActive Surface (also known as CBAS® Heparin Surface). The publications within the reference list are divided into the categories of basic science, experimental in vitro and in vivo, clinical and review articles. When appropriate, subgroups indicating type of product/application are also applied.

CARMEDA® BioActive Surface - Full reference list (pdf)

A more condensed list with selected references of key features and benefits on CARMEDA® BioActive Surface is also available.

CARMEDA BioActive Surface - Features & Benefits references (pdf)

Features & Benefits references (link)